Bleaker Island : : Gallery

All photos were taken on Bleaker Island

buzzard carancho johnny rooks dominican gulls dominican gull chicks
brown hooded gulls brown hooded gull cormorant chicks cormorant cormorants
cormorant cormorants cormorants gentoos gentoos
magellanic penguins macaroni penguin penguins sandy bay grebes
grebes grebes grebes teal teal
pond black necked swan family gentoo penguins and sheep steamer ducks and gulls leopard seal
leopard seal sea lions sea lions young giant petrel petrel
petrelchicks heron herons snipe skua family
upland goose finches military starling tussac bird bleaker island settlement
fungi butterfly calves cattle and cruise ship cormorants
sheep on sea truck cattle cassard house lounge shower room
bedroom four bedroom two bedroom three bedroom one

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